Celina Colon

Crossfit Coach

  1. How did you hear about CrossFit?
    I heard about Crossfit after I had my daughter. I wanted to get back in shape and a friend recommended it, I’ve been in love ever since!
  2. What is your favorite WOD?
    I enjoy EMOM’s and Sprints…Short and Deadly WOD’s.
  3. Favorite exercise or lift?
    I Enjoy Power Cleans and DB work.
  4. What would we find on your iTunes playlist?
    I Love all types of music!…let’s just try not to play to much country while I work out!
  5. What do you like to do besides CrossFit?
    MI Love being a Mom! With my daughter and family is where I’m most happy!

Certifications: CrossFit L1, CPR/AED First Aid

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