Khanh Pham

I’ve been going to this Box for about a month now and it is an amazing CrossFit gym!! Located in Ontario right next to Scandia. It’s still pretty new but I see it flourishing since I’ve been here.

Facility: The Box itself is really big in spacing. Plenty of room to have a big class and I have never felt crammed. They installed two showers for people on the go after the workout and a children’s room for your kids.

Coaching and Staff: Saga is an affiliate of Crossfit Chino Hills, so their trainers are the coaches for Saga. Kevin Bell and Jamin are the usuals and they are fantastic. Kevin is very encouraging and friendly. Jamin works the early mornings and he is also encouraging. Justin Jacobs is a technical savvy coach, especially on the snatch, and he is awesome. There are female coaches that come through as well and I have only worked with Michelle and she is awesome. Overall, I have gained so much knowledge on olympic lifting from the staff and gained a new sense of competitiveness from them

Programming of WODs: the WODs are well programmed. It has a mixture of MetCons (metabolic conditioning) and strength training. The first 10 mins involve proper warmups, the next 15-20 mins is strength and skill work (which I learned a lot from) and the last 20-25 mins is the actual WOD. By going everyday, I have gotten stronger and gained better endurance and flexibility from their programming.

Equipment: All of their equipment is pretty much brand new. They have plenty of Hi-temp plates that go as heavy as 15 lbs. the rest of the weights are competition plates which is truly a luxury. All of their comp plates are made by Forge Fitness which is a really good company. They have a big rig setup for pull-ups, and ring muscle ups. One GHD bench, kettle bells, rowers, air dynes, dogsleds, and wall balls.

Verdict: this CrossFit gym is a highly recommended for anyone looking to lose weight, get athletic, or gain strength…or all of the above. The coaching is very valuable where you will gain so many great tips on lifting and training. If you live in the Eastvale, Ontario, or Rancho Cucamonga area, this a great place for you. The classes are pretty small due to its young tenure here, so you will get a lot of one on one coaching.

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