Chantal Nugent Amoguis

This CrossFit is intense. Nothing is better than the feeling of "I can't wait to do it again". There is a great balance of determination and fun. Plenty of space and top of the line equipment. They also have a new addition of Pilates with a great group of ladies. You must come here if you're determined to do whatever your goal is: lose weight, gain muscle, tone up, or just want an intense work out with out the distractions from the usual gyms (which is why I love it!) get in and get out feeling AWEsome! And meet great people while you at it. CrossFit is a must.
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Denise Chapin

Awesome. Lost 2 inches in my waist in less than two months!
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Michelle Fernando

Absolutely LOVE it!! The people, the coaches, the community have all been grrrreat!!!
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Rebecca Garcia

This has been a very welcoming gym! CrossFit is a very new kind of workout for me and all the trainers here have been super patient and helpful in getting me going! Its been 2 weeks and I'm already seeing results. Very addicting. Highly recommended.
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Sean Irwin

The impact that CrossFit has had on my life is something that is really easy to explain. It starts with the family feeling of going to a place where you can show your weaknesses and know that the coaches have your back. The encouragement that comes with the dedication of the coaches inspires you to achieve and push far past your goals. When you have that, the confidence in yourself goes through the roof and plays out in your daily life. I now walk with my chest high and chin up feeling great about myself and how far I have come. Weight loss, Confidence, Social Life, Mobility, Fitness all comes with knowing you have a great family behind you.
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